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We make ways to good things happen
Utilis Ventures is a registered Ugandan financial services company dedicated to democratising finance. We are currently developing a Digital Investment Platform The Digital Investment Platform (DIP) shall function as a digital financial marketplace through which 1) SMEs can seek investment from the open market by selling equity, debt, or some other financial instrument and 2) regular individuals (retail investors), accredited investors and institutions can invest in businesses and offerings listed on the marketplace for a financial return.

We believe the market opportunity in Uganda to be $900 M and the regional market to be $56B based on estimates of the Center for Frontier Finance, the IMF and the World Bank. We aim to build financial capacity, reduce inequality and spur economic growth. In order to offer the most value Utilis Ventures is looking to partner with experts in other parts of the financial services ecosystem to deliver the best possible product by combining strengths instead of replicating efforts.